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“Odd and the Frost Giants” – N. Gaiman


This is a review of “Odd and the Frost Giants” by Neil Gaiman.

The winter isn’t ending, it’s worse than ever and the people are starting to turn on each other. Odd runs away from home only to stumble into a battle between gods and frost giants when he runs into an enchanted fox, a bear and a one-eyed eagle. Now it is up to Odd to save Asgard, the realm of the gods, as well as all of humanity from a never-ending winter.

I have actually very little nice to say about this book. There was so much time used on explaining just how evil and bad and terrible and terrifying the frost giants were in the first seven chapters of the book, that I expected a big, epic fight or magic or something else impressive needed to beat them. It turned out that all that was needed was Odd going up to the giant and asking him very nicely if he didn’t just want to go home. That was about as disappointing as it could be and I actually started wondering if the book hadn’t lost a couple of dozen pages somewhere along the way.

The frost giant (count them: one single one despite the plural in the title) starts out as this great, evil creature who is really happy about winning over the gods and lording it over them, to someone who really doesn’t want to be there and agrees to go home two small pages of text later. In the same chapter. After a bit of a tea-time chat with a kid he should have stepped on and squished flat the second he saw him.

Odd was a blank nothing as a character, and would have been more believable if he had been played by a brick wall. The secondary human characters in the village Odd comes from have more personality than he does even if they show up all of two times (at the start and at the end). The only reason that the three nordic gods even had personalities at all was because they were invented by the vikings a long time ago and everything about them was already there, no thinking or inventing required.

I had expected so much more considering that this book was written by a famous author like Neil Gaiman, but I was thoroughly disappointed. With misplaced sentences that throw you out of the rhythm of reading, horrible characterisation and a thoroughly bad plot, this book isn’t worth the paper it was printed on. If this is how Gaiman’s books are then I am never going to read another book by him ever in my entire life.

I want the half-an-hour of my life it took to read this book, back.

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