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“Heir of Novron” – M. J. Sullivan


This is a review of “Heir of Novron” by Michael J. Sullivan, a compilation of the fifth and sixth books in the series the Riyra Revelations – “Wintertide” and “Percepliquis“.

This is a continuation of my two previous posts, here and here.

With the New Empire finally having full control they intend to mark their victory with a wedding and a double execution. And if the Empress should then suffer a fatal accident, the New Empire would be very happy to be sure. Once again master thieves Royce and Hadrian must come to the rescue. They have found the Heir of Novron, now they just need to keep him alive long enough to claim his throne.

In these last two books, Royce and Hadrian’s adventures pick up both speed and intensity. The Empress is coming out of her shell and is becoming a real character and even a strong female character. Royce’s past isn’t as straight forward as one expected, and Hadrian’s future is turning into the same. The bad guy is freakishly good at his job, and obsessively faithful. It is scary in a good way. Princess Arista grows through personal tragedy, lovable characters from the first and second book return, there is epic adventure, and there are amazing surprises coming left and right – especially at the very end. I haven’t been this beautifully surprised when reading a book in years.

There are a few bad things with these two books. King Alric – Arista’s brother – until now was a likable and capable character, but in the last book he turns into something of a brat. Some of it I could have understood, but it went just a bit too far. There is also a love affair that pops out of nowhere. The characters were friends until now but suddenly they are confessing undying love. If there were clues for anything other than friendship between them then I must have missed them. I also wonder about some of the choices that two of the characters made, but all of this is actually nitpicking from my side.

This is the best damn ending to a series that I have ever read, and I recommend it to everyone and anyone!

Now I just have to read the prequels – “The Crown Tower” and “The Rose and the Thorn“. I can’t wait!

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