07 Feb


Sooooo! I have been debating whether or not to start one of these things for ages. One one side I really like to let my opinions be known about something, on the other side I don’t want to talk my friends’ ears off about things they don’t find interesting – and I’m really bad at keeping up with stuff like this. Seriously bad. But I have done this now and will try to do my best (for however long that turns out to be).

I am a librarian at a school and I love to read, write, RP, draw and do cosplay. I like old weaponry, I like castles, I like paleontology and archaeology. Yes, I am a geek and proud of it. Other than that there isn’t much to know about me.

Hopefully this won’t be too boring! :)


Posted by on February 7, 2013 in General


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Alysha Kaye

    August 13, 2014 at 16:23

    First of all, GO LIBRARIANS! (I’m an English teacher haha)
    Secondly, love the reviews- book bloggers are the best!
    Thirdly, I’d love it if you’d consider reviewing my new novel, THE WAITING ROOM- just released to Amazon!

    • redletalis

      August 13, 2014 at 16:29

      Hi and thanks! :)

      Your book sounds interesting. I checked it out on Amazon and the plot sounds sad but beautiful. I’ll put it on my to-be-read pile but be warned that it’s a REALLY long pile. ^.^


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